Wednesday, February 18, 2009

catching up

Lauren's baptism

Some serious competition going on here. Whose house will be the prettiest? Things to remember when making candy houses with the Cardons, never copy Emileigh and never, EVER take any candy from Lauren's pile.

Finished product: Gingerbread houses (sans the gingerbread)

Happy Birthday Tyger!

Whoops, I forgot to get candles on Ty's birthday, but luckily, after digging through the cupboards for a while, we found a stray...hence the lone candle.


julie said...

Lauren looks BEAUTIFUL! And that cake is pretty cool. Tyger looks like he was happy with it. I'm glad to see an update! Finally!

Jenny Lynes said...

Lauren does look beautiful and it is almost uncanny how much she looks like YOU in those baptismal pictures! Glad to know the tips if I ever do gingerbread houses with you guys! Ha! I can totally picture it!

Aimee's Family Journal said...

K, who is the coolest mom! Is that a light saber for a cake? Really now, I would never have thought of that. What the heck girl. You are so dang cool!!

Raeanna said...

Awesome post! I love the light-saber cake!

Tricia said...

Lauren is beautiful - congratulations! I laughed out loud at the Candy House Rules, and I love the lightsaber cake. You guys are fun!