Thursday, September 18, 2008


One of the many Brian Regan clips that make me laugh.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


pure joy.

(lulu at 3 months)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


51 more days till election time! I'm so excited. Is that weird? I always feel this extra surge of patriotism whenever elections come around. I just can't wait to go mark my little ballot, get my sticker, and feel like I made a difference. It's only one vote, I know. But, it's one more vote for someone or something I believe in. Anybody else feel this way?

I volunteered to make phone calls encouraging people to register to vote, so I thought I'd put it on my blog too. If you're not already registered, GET REGISTERED! It's so easy to do. Just go here. (if you live in az) It takes about two minutes. While you're at it, request an early ballot too. You don't get the "I just voted" sticker, but you miss the lines.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Move over Beckham!

Ty's first soccer game was Saturday and what a great game it was. They totally beat the other team, even though no one really keeps score at that age. (we kept score because our team was winning!) Ty even scored a goal! Way to go Tyger! Here's a quick recap. of the game: Lots of standing around...everybody running for the ball at the same time....a few heads smacking together....tears and time out for hugs from moms....back to the field....some more chasing the ball....players randomly wandering off the field....players asking for their snack for the fifth time...end of game. I think he's pretty excited for his next game.

a few of our favorite things (in La Jolla)

The house! It's gorgeous. No need to say more.

Sand Castles. Even the ones we don't build this awesome one we found.

Osteria personal favorite. Yum--my!

Boogy Boarding

Great climbing trees

Dad's "swimming/beach outfit"

These cute, little, white flowers. Don't know their name, but they smell great. Many of these are picked and put in our hair to make us look Hawaiian.

Also these birds of paradise.

Sandy babies

Spending time with the people we love...the best thing!