Wednesday, November 12, 2008

wow, a new post!

It's about time that I finally posted again. Here's a recap of the happenings here during the last month:
WWF at our house on Sunday afternoons.

camping in the backyard with Dad during fall break

Lauren's birthday. She wanted a cake with green frosting and lots of High School Musical 3 stuff.

Halloween...thank you Bekki for helping them look their scariest.

Me and my sisters running the Zeitgeist we're in really good shape!

Okay, here we really are. See how happy I am to be almost done.


Lindsay Kay said...

Good for you - posting again and finishing the race! You're amazing!

Yesterday I told the girls that your family might be coming after Christmas and Audrey said,"Ty Ty! I love Ty Ty! He is my best friend and he gave me my horse! I love Ty Ty!" I love that the girls are old enough to rmember things! It's sad but good too!

Gray Family said...

Great job with the race - it looks like everyone survived without you. We will definitely have to have you run with Jeff on Thanksgiving - although he might not like losing to a girl. (hehehe)

La Smala said...

I'm so dumb, I was totally looking at the first picture thinking "geeze, she's got great abs, but her face is weird with the effort...and then, not very modest attire there..." Good job, you're my hero, someday I'll be able to run past Power and Ocotillo!