Saturday, September 6, 2008

a few of our favorite things (in La Jolla)

The house! It's gorgeous. No need to say more.

Sand Castles. Even the ones we don't build this awesome one we found.

Osteria personal favorite. Yum--my!

Boogy Boarding

Great climbing trees

Dad's "swimming/beach outfit"

These cute, little, white flowers. Don't know their name, but they smell great. Many of these are picked and put in our hair to make us look Hawaiian.

Also these birds of paradise.

Sandy babies

Spending time with the people we love...the best thing!


Tricia said...

Gorgeous family! You guys are fun.

Melanie said...

cute family pictures. I love craigs swimm outfit :)

Aimee's Family Journal said...

Oh my heck! I am so jealous of how beautiful those beach pictures turned out. You family is beautiful! What a terrific vacation!

And Ty is so dang cute in that soccer outfit. I love those darling little stud boys!

Jenny Lynes said...

It is a good thing that Craig's "swim outfit" has been documented for posterity. Siri really is such a doll! I love your pictures! Now I want to read about your Hawaii trip!

Sarah said...

so cute aimee. love the beautiful sunset shots.

Anonymous said...

looks like you got your camera figured out? cute pictures! definitely thumbs up on the swim outfit too, hehe.

Raeanna said...

great family picture!!! La Jolla looks like it was a ton of fun!!!

Gray Family said...

I love the blackmail pictures Craig keeps posing for! I though Jeff had some good ones but Craig tops! Your family picture is great - way cute family! I can't believe Ty is playing soccer already, I keep thinking of him as a small boy! Great pictures of everything!